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But instead of simply testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, her doctor offers her a new kind of test that looks at more than a dozen genes associated with a wide range of tumor types. The results come back. Women with the inherited disorder have more than a 90 percent chance of developing some kind of cancer—breast cancer, brain cancer, sarcoma, leukemia or another cancer type—during their lifetime. Explaining these kinds of test results to patients is not easy, he says. Although patients with LFS can undergo intensive screening with regular blood tests, MRIs and physical examinations, determining the best screening methods can be a challenge because of the wide range of tumors that can develop.

Instead of testing just one or two genes, companies now offer gene panels that analyze dozens of cancer-related genes simultaneously from a single patient sample. Some tests sequence hundreds of genes, and even entire genomes. The additional genetic knowledge could also help protect their family members. And even if the findings are understood, they can blindside a person by uncovering an unexpected disease risk or discovering a cancer-associated mutation for which there are no preventive measures or treatments.

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More than a half dozen major commercial laboratories provide multigene cancer panel tests. Ambry Genetics offers a test called CancerNext that looks at 28 genes associated with breast, ovarian, colorectal, uterine and several other cancers. Myriad Genetics offers Myriad myRisk, a test that looks at 25 different genes and identifies mutations associated with an increased risk for eight types of cancer.

The reasons are partly economic. It can also be easier on patients. For example, if a person with a family history of melanoma and pancreatic cancer tests negative for a CDKN2A gene mutation associated with a high risk of these cancers, it can be reassuring. But a doctor trying to understand the reason for the family history may order more genetic tests to look for other mutations that predispose to these cancers. A patient might have a panel test to determine her risk of ovarian cancer and instead discover she has a mutation in a gene called CDH1, associated with a very high risk of developing stomach cancer.

Such instances are rare but have big consequences. Doctors routinely recommend that patients with this mutation have their stomachs removed as a preventive measure. And although patients can choose not to receive certain findings, they need to be aware of the consequences of not knowing that information, says Offit, such as the effect on relatives who might want to be warned of an inherited mutation or the impact on any future children.

Although doctors routinely talk to their patients in advance about what the tests could reveal, and genetic counselors are frequently involved, how to best communicate all that information to patients is still a work in progress.

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Interpreting the results from a panel test is no easy feat. Some genes on the panels are well-understood in terms of their role in cancer and the amount of risk associated with them. Medical options—screening tests, preventive surgery or drug therapies—are available to patients with mutations in these genes.

Other genes on the panel are less understood. Most misspellings of genes are harmless, but a small percentage of them can cause disease.

The Danger of Information overload and knowing too much

When researchers find a new misspelling in a genetic sequence, they call it a variant of unknown significance VUS , because its role in cancer risk is unknown. Together, these institutions have established partnerships with some of the major diagnostic companies in the country, including Ambry Genetics and Myriad Genetics.

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The goal is to collect data from thousands of patients nationwide who have had multigene testing for cancer risk and to follow them over many years to learn how their genetic alterations affect their health. Patients who have multigene testing offered by one of the diagnostic companies involved are invited to enter their test results, as well as their personal and family health histories, into the registry. They can choose to identify themselves by name or enter anonymously, and they can invite their family members to participate as well. The researchers are also planning to conduct molecular experiments in the lab to see how different VUS affect gene function. Fergus Couch, a cancer geneticist at the Mayo Clinic and one of the collaborators on the project, hopes that as his team analyzes the data, it will be able to report back to participating patients with a more precise assessment of their cancer risk. Learning more about a particular VUS, even if the information is provided many years after testing, could offer patients some comfort, especially if the VUS turns out to be harmless.

Or, says Couch, he and his colleagues might find that the VUS confers, for instance, a 20 percent increased risk for cancer by age These are the kinds of things that can be useful for patients and allow patients to better decide how they want to move forward. Following on the heels of cancer panel tests are even more sophisticated tests that could raise additional questions for people undergoing genomic testing. But sequencing more DNA inevitably results in finding more mutations.

Increasingly, academic centers and commercial labs are offering whole exome sequencing as a diagnostic test for cancer patients. Yet the jury is still out on whether these tests are more useful than panels. Gail Jarvik is a medical geneticist at the University of Washington in Seattle and is conducting a trial of whole exome sequencing in colorectal cancer patients whose cancer is suspected of having a genetic basis.

For instance, if a genetic mutation is found that increases cancer risk, doctors can recommend screening or prophylactic surgery. Finkelstein compares Goldberg to, of all people, Ari Shavit another LIberal Zionist du jour , to demonstrate Goldberg's dismissal Palestinian suffering.

Finkelstein shows how Human Rights Watch executed a double standard similar to Goldberg - and did so in an act of revisionism. Finkelstein shows how HRW updated its original findings by using one set of war crimes standards to find Hezbollah guilty of war crimes and another set of standards to let Israel off the hook - and did so in complete inversion of the evidence.

Along the way, Finkelstein also identifies the techniques Oren uses to reconcile the archival evidence with his apologetic narrative. The wide embrace of this absurd theory also implicates not only the authors but also the American establishment that supported them. Chapter 9 usefully provides a history of UN resolution and refutation of the ZIonist claim via Julius Stone that International law does not forbid the acquisition territory by force when "the force is used to stop an aggressor.

His passionate sympathy for Israeli victims of criminal violence apparently did not extend to Palestinian victims, however. Judging by his own account Ross never once entreated Israeli leaders to curb their far greater brutality. TO me, one of the most comparisons of Morris with Morris concerns a core understanding. The first three chapters discuss what most potential readers will already know: that a gap is opening up between Liberal Jewish-America and Fascist Jewish-Israel. But Finkelstein and his work are not without merit just because he is, himself, a liberal zionist albeit a critical one.

It is just that one needs to dance gingerly to extract that merit. Much of that dancing is required because, as a liberal Zionist, the one thing Finkelstein refuses to take up is also the only thing that matters: and the refugees. For them, the problem is not the establishment of an ethnonationalist settler-colonial state, but whatever came afterward. It is a way of appearing to be extremely critical, without actually engaging on the question that matters.

know too much

Where shall they go? When will you grant them, from your perch in America, the right to return home? Jul 06, David Kellogg rated it it was amazing.

know too much

This is a brilliant book. Finkelstein tones down, but does not eliminate, the humor that allowed charlatans like Alan Dershowitz to dismiss his work by distorting it. Some years ago, Finkslstein's wholly warranted critique of Dershowitz prompted the latter to go on a witch-hunt that ruined Finkelstein's academic career. But here Finkelstein is, still producing scholarship of a high order inde This is a brilliant book. But here Finkelstein is, still producing scholarship of a high order indeed.

Here, as usual, Finkelstein pulls no punches in his razor-sharp "forensic" scholarship. But this is what people miss about Finkelstein: the only side he's on is the truth as he sees it.

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Excess of everything is bad, whether it is food or knowledge. Knowledge is the food for thought that nourishes the mind. * Food nourishes the. In fact, psychologists have found that knowing too much or possessing too much expertise in a particular field proves to be a serious drawback when it comes to.

He has a touching -- some might say naive -- faith in both universal human rights and in the power of empirical evidence to make a case. Thus, while many of his fellow radicals have abandoned the idea of a two-state solution along the borders, Finkelstein continues to advocate it as the best hope for both Palestine and Israel. It would be nice if he were right, but it will take a few others with the same faith in humanity and the facts to see it through. Feb 02, Mirko Kriskovic rated it it was amazing. Finkelstein at his best, his research, academia is second to none.

A warning to the right wing - you wont like this book due to Mr Finkelstein's stubborn adherence to the rule of law and International Law - Apply to read only if this are the rule that you use to measure behaviour by UN member countries.

The Knowledge Curse: When Knowing Too Much Can Hurt You

May 09, Ruqia Bashir added it. A detailed analysis of Israeli and Palestinian conflict including an account of Israeli human right abuses. I have not read the whole book but I found it worth reading. If you have interest of this never-ending dispute of occupied territories. His remarkable courage to writing this book is a glimmer of hope to hundreds of thousands of palestinians refugees scattered all around the world!

May 23, Kyle Worlitz rated it liked it. American Jews are much more liberal than most Israeli Jews. The occupation. Finkelstein is brilliant, and dead on, but you should already know most of this stuff if you have any interest in the topic at all. Jan 19, Paula Kirman rated it really liked it. An analysis of why more and more contemporary Jews are not unquestioningly supporting Israel. People who adhere to this worldview will find it a quick read. It serves as an excellent introduction to those seeking to learn more.

Aug 10, Rin added it Shelves: politics , nonfiction.

Genomic Testing: The Risk of Knowing Too Much

Captain Nemo lets them abandon the Nautilus and explore land, but is always in uncivilized shores. With this game-changing course from nutrition and weight loss resistance expert, Jacqui Justice, you'll get the knowledge and tools you need to reverse, decrease, and even eliminate these symptoms so that you can get back to the way you used to look and feel before all this hormonal havoc took over! Western Animation. A pair of allegiances distinguish American Jews from fellow Americans: their markedly greater support of liberalism and of Israel. And while it sometimes can be a great benefit to know the tiniest details of events, both bitter and sweet, there are also times when knowing less about the future, our situations, and the world can be beneficial.