Introduction to Sociology IV : Capitalist Ecology

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Connolly is a towering figure in contemporary political theory whose profound reflections on democracy, religion, and the tragic unsettle and enrich us. In this powerful work he casts his philosophical gaze on the internal dynamics of the American Empire—especially the role of Christian traditions and capitalist practices. The result is vintage Connolly, namely, indispensable!

Connolly was the editor of the journal Political Theory from to Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In. Search Cart.

Search for:. Capitalism and Christianity, American Style.

Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: April He argues that the vengeful vision of the Second Coming motivating a segment of the evangelical right resonates with the ethos of greed animating the cowboy sector of American capitalism. The resulting evangelical-capitalist ethos finds expression in church pulpits, Fox News reports, the best-selling Left Behind novels, consumption practices, investment priorities, and state policies. These practices resonate together to diminish diversity, forestall responsibility to future generations, ignore urban poverty, and support a system of extensive economic inequality.

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A complex mode of production: the ecology and socio-spatial structure of pre-famine Ireland

For sociologists capitalism has mainly been of interest for its social of this introduction, namely to the analytical point of departure for an economic sociology of capitalism. future, among various people and groups in society” ( Samuelson, 4). .. This, for example, is true for population ecology as well as for resource. The departure from the analysis of capitalism in sociology . hensive social order that extends beyond the sphere of eco- . Page 4 .. In his introduction to.

Table of Contents Back to Top. Preface vii Introduction: The Spirit of Capitalism 1 1. The Volatility of Capitalism 17 2.

revolutionary reflections | ‘Green Capitalism’: a critical review of the literature: part 3

The Evangelical-Capitalist Resonance Machine 39 3. Between Science and Faith 69 4.


Is Eco-egalitarian Capitalism Possible? Christianity, Capitalism, and the Tragic Notes Index Rights Back to Top. Awards Back to Top.

Additional Information Back to Top. Publicity material Bk Cover Image Full. Also Viewed. The Affect Theory Reader. Pages: 82— Pages: 94— Pages: — Biographical Note Martha E. Gimenez , Ph.

Capitalism, exterminism and the long ecological revolution

She has published numerous articles and book chapters in topics such as Marxist feminist theory, population theory, ecology, inequality, domestic labour and reproductive technologies. Specialists in Marxist theory and methodology and all interested in the oppression of women, Marxist feminist and social reproduction theories, including professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and academic libraries.

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