How Do I Get Confidence | Self Confidence | 11 Steps to Courage

How To Gain Confidence and Courage When You Are Afraid To Take A Step
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1. Face your fear

I was crying it was so terrifying. But I did it and I was kind to myself. And because I made the decision, I tried it again.

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Again, with video. When I first started going back to work, I got requests to be a guest on podcasts and webinars and I turned them all down. And then I started realizing I was missing opportunities to build my business. Therefore, I started working on building up my confidence. One of the first steps I took was shooting a raw video where I let people see me and my scars. And I talked about how I was struggling with all of this. I got a lot of really good feedback on that one. I accepted challenges. I pushed myself. Of course, I also have a musical reference for this concept.

I love music! There is a scene at the beginning of The King and I where Anna is talking to her son. She sings her advice to her son :. Again with my crossing street example: I would focus on my breathing.

And that helped me take those baby steps. With those four things in your tool belt, you can build your courage and confidence.

3 tips to boost your confidence - TED-Ed

I spent a lot of my life being scared and having a low self-worth. If I can do this, you can too! Do you have any questions about the content? Please share your thoughts and wisdom below.

Self-confidence requires effort

On our journey, we must learn to show ourselves lots of kindness and compassion. Chris W. Kris, I just love your smiling face and upbeat attitude, your not just inspiring but your uplifting too, thank you SO much for that XO and yes I pinky swear to exercise my courage muscle with my art way way more starting now:D wohoot whoooo:D. Power Mindsets. And that helped me take those baby steps. The rest of the world is too. Sending you love.

Podcast: Play in new window. What do you need to take that step? You need courage. Courage moves you out of a paralysed fear state, into action.

We build our confidence by taking small steps consistently that move us toward the best version of ourselves. That inch us closer to what we know to be true, not what we worry others will think. Steps that help us move into our power. And we need courage to get ourselves into gear. Here are some steps you can take to support your confidence journey. What are the situations that suck the confidence right out of you?

Is it speaking up in a meeting filled with your peers? Not having all the facts on hand for a client. It can be anything. But most of us have a few main triggers that impact us more than anything else. Not confident giving a presentation? Work with someone to improve your mindset and skills. Being unprepared?

Schedule time in advance so you have space to get up to speed. Afraid of speaking in front of your peers? Then one day, her courage led the way as she put one wobbling leg forward, swayed back and forth, to and fro. Then she lifted the other leg, and with as much effort, stepped it forward. She had no reason to think, or to believe she would succeed at this task called walking.

After all, she had never done it before. They applauded.

5 Steps to Build Your Courage and Self Confidence

It was a sport invented by men for men, until things changed, and women started to play, but the rules were still governed by men. Most of her competitors were men. The judges, the critics and the award givers, were also men.

Most of the men had been playing longer than she had. Most of them understood the rules better than she did. They also had a support network of other men who were there for each when one of them fell.

Train The Brave: 7 Steps To Building Your Courage Muscles

She, a once self confident baby girl, who had the courage to walk, to fall down, to stand up and walk again, lacked self confidence on this field. Step 1: Before you enter that scary conference room, sit on that speaker panel, walk into that big auditorium by yourself, recall your most courageous self. Find her in a specific memory.