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While this is slower than traditional totally indexed approaches, the advantage of the smaller index is seen to be advantageous to the individual user. This approach would not work particularly well across websites, but it would work reasonably well for a single site, or a single workstation. In addition, the smaller index can be created more quickly than a full index.

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Fashion mongers can browse online stores, refine their searches by price, color or sale item, and see popular trends. The site was recently acquired by TheFind. The acquisition will leave Glimpse. The new search engine will allow it to cover more online boutiques, brand stores and specialty fashion retailers.

The handy MyFinds bar will be added to the bottom of each Glimpse.

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It allows shoppers to save product items as small thumbnails on the bottom each page. The feature works great as a quick comparison tool and shopping cart. New Yorker Susan Daglian :. We are just getting a glimpse of the dimension of a problem likely to remain with us for years to come.

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Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 5. Wiktionary 5. Vasanthi Padmanabhan obtained her Ph. D in astrophysics from TIFR, Mumbai working in the field of dark matter and structure formation in the universe, establishing constraints on decaying dark matter scenarios.


An expert in scientific computing, writing and production, she has been actively involved with the end-to-end editing and formatting of the books authored by her spouse, Thanu Padmanabhan, over several decades, including the preparation of most of their technical and scientific figures.

She is keenly interested in the history of science. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Popular Science. Free Preview. Buy eBook. He had to reach her before the demons did and swept her away, as they had Kiki. Amid the noisy, bustling, modern cityscape there are still glimpses of the country's past in traditional dress and temples.

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He had waited without moving, standing stock-still on the bank, peering into the water, hoping for another glimpse, a ripple in the water's surface even. Define glimpses. glimpses synonyms, glimpses pronunciation, glimpses translation, English dictionary definition of glimpses. n. 1. A brief, incomplete view or.

The whole basement is fronted by our unique railings giving tantalizing glimpses into the domestic quarters. Except for occasional glimpses of life among the other workers, the majority of diary entries remain of the " nothing new " variety.

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The studios are increasingly providing behind-the-scenes glimpses at the making of new releases. A slightly raised decking area is perfect for alfresco dining and gives sea glimpses through the houses to the bay below. Leafy hills, sleepy hamlets, with glimpses of brooding mountains beyond. It boosts Verlaine's unjustly neglected status as a pop craftsman and offers up tantalizing glimpses of his mad genius. From roadside glimpses so far, I'd dismissed all horror-film notions of vodou.

By chance he finally glimpses the elusive creature - a beautiful sea nymph, who has crossed into our world from her own. These fleeting glimpses of the world around show normal lives continuing oblivious to the nuclear threat. Hulk's diary As with much of the best comedy, there are glimpses of real pathos here. Although the ritualistic discussions of the Brahmanas are for the most part of a dry and uninteresting nature to an even greater degree than is often the case with exegetic theological treatises, these works are nevertheless of considerable importance both as regards the history of Indian institutions and as "the oldest body of Indo-European prose, of a generally free, vigorous, simple form, affording valuable glimpses backwards at the primitive condition of unfettered Indo-European talk" Whitney.

The glimpses of terror were far more frightening than the shambling monsters of today. Starting in Gary Larson became known the world over for giving us glimpses into sublime genius, with a liberal sprinkling of cows. On the way into Bandar we saw glimpses of the sultan 's palace, with a gold dome glistening through the leafy grounds. After an hour-long trek through the muddy rainforest we reached our first look out for glimpses of Jacquot. In a highly acclaimed one-man show, Saeed Jaffrey, that most versatile of actors, will give us glimpses into his long career.

This style creates a see-through effect so when you hang the mirror on your wall, the paint color of your wall becomes part of the overall design of the seashells with glimpses of the colored wall peeking through. Glimpses : These shadows are a less-shiny, lightweight cousin of the Glimmer product. A less shiny cousin of the Glimmer product, Glimpses are a lightweight shadow. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park A premiere attraction in Ireland, visitors can enjoy the 15th century castle and the 19th century village, including glimpses of life in another time.

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Regardless of the direction you're traveling, you'll be able to catch glimpses of the breathtaking scenery surrounding the basin. Recently, while on a winter vacation in Miami with husband Deryck Whibley, photographers caught glimpses of her in two different bikinis. The Tease look, with its mesh pattern, is also a very beautiful swimsuit, but keep in mind that it's mesh; this means that glimpses and peeks of the body are readily available. Here you'll also find styles with tiny cut out patterns in the fabric that give the illusion of more coverage while still offering titillating glimpses of skin beneath the swimsuit.

These styles are not sheer, but they do provide tantalizing glimpses of flesh while still keeping you covered.

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Examples of glimpse. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The papers are reprinted from the Illustrated London News. Search Article search Search. Is there one standard way?

To cover more time without plowing through all the details of your day-to-day life, you may add glimpses of your childhood that show how your amazing character came to be. Star Trek, coming out in , gives us glimpses of the officers before they were officers. Haunted places tease the imagination with glimpses of something beyond our known world.