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In this second book of Georgie's Connelly series, the trouble when it hit came not from her work as documentary filmmaker, a dangerous job in itself sometimes, witness the first book, but from the unexpected direction of Georgie's estranged mother, a type in herself but did I hate this woman th If I could not put the first Georgie Conelly's book down, this one left me with literally no room to do anything else but reading.

In this second book of Georgie's Connelly series, the trouble when it hit came not from her work as documentary filmmaker, a dangerous job in itself sometimes, witness the first book, but from the unexpected direction of Georgie's estranged mother, a type in herself but did I hate this woman through the first part of the story! Well, as complicated as the problem was looking already, it was nothing but just the beginning. The mess that Georgie and her friends' investigation unraveled was so encompassing I didn't believe it could get any more complicated.

But it did. Of course it did! The diverse, amazingly rich, lively characters that filled this story had me perching on the edge of my seat, rooting for some, hating the others, then switching sides yes, she made me do that, hate a person and fear him, then root for him and cheer him up just a few pages later!

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And this is what I love about these series the most. The characters, the situations, they are so alive, so true to the real world around us, no black and white, no purely good or bad guys and gals. Everyone has a story, everyone has his side to present. While the plot is never predictable, never drawn or unrealistic. Not in this series and I would know, as by now I'm already half way through the next book of the series.

This novel can be freely read as a standalone, but I would still recommend to start from the beginning of this series, to have the full taste of Georgie Connelly's life. Nov 24, Cathy Ryan rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-suspense. And although she may have been under the impression she and James Finn could spend quality time together after the traumas of recent weeks and their entanglement in the seedy world of a Russian gangster, a phone call from Los Angeles Defence Attorney, Leonard Spalding puts their plans on hold.

Georgie, on the other hand, is grateful and guilty in equal measure. She decides to put her time and effort into research for the job at hand. Lindley has created a great cast of likeable and realistic characters. Georgie is fortunate in her supportive network of friends and I love that she has her own personal friendly cab driver. Georgie is still as impulsive and liable to put herself in dangerous situations however, and this instance is no exception.

Aug 31, Georgia Rose rated it it was amazing. I really like the cast of characters Lindley is building through this series and she skilfully develops their personalities and interactions along with this compelling tale. I shall aim to write this review without giving away any spoilers! They are not close and as we get to know Marilyn it is easy to see why but as this story progresses so does the relationship between mother and daughter. Before long all are involved in much more than they expected finding themselves led into the dangerous world of gang warfare.

I was delighted to see James and Georgie getting closer although nothing is ever simple with those two and they are both good at sabotaging their chance of happiness. The end of this story was handled particularly well by Lindley. I found it poignant when it becomes apparent that a leopard cannot change its spots and the ending was both emotional and touching. This series is a must for anyone who enjoys good, coherent storytelling from a talented author with an eye to turning out the perfectly written story.

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Aug 24, Heather Burnside rated it really liked it. I found this an enjoyable read. There is a good set of characters whose tangled relationships give added interest to the story. The plot is strong with some good twists, and I particularly liked the ending, which brings everything to a satisfying conclusion.

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View 1 comment. May 23, Brenda Perlin rated it it was amazing. Lindley is an explosive mystery. Powerfully moving and enticing as the action comes alive off the pages. The author knows how to tell an unusual tale and does so realistically and in her own easy way. Her writing is very down to earth and not at all too complex or trying to hard.

That is what I like most about her style. The drama that ensues feels real and not over the top. A fun, suspenseful ride into the unknown.

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The twists had me gasping as I read with great vigor. Picking up where we left off with Business As Usual, as a reader I was able to fall right back into Georgie's life, effortlessly. The familiar characters and the authors smooth writing skills makes this sequel a pleasant, entertaining and suspenseful escape. Would it be better to just leave well alone and allow Marilyn to face whatever fate decreed?

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What if it wasn't fate, however, what if it was some corrupt government officials being pressured by the victims daughter? Dec 13, E.

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Exhausted, they raced to fight this new threat. Because of the intense cold, both rivers were frozen.

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Firemen had to use their axes to chop holes in the ice, and once they started pumping, the water froze in their hoses. Even vessels in the harbor were not safe. It took two weeks for the fire to be vanquished.

The commercial district of the City was destroyed. Yet, business continued. The New York Stock Exchange resumed trading four days after the fire began. Amazingly, only two people died. The fire still smoldering, real estate prices for the burned out lots in the district skyrocketed. Rebuilding began immediately. A year later, the entire area was thriving. Without the help of Congress. It was the New York State government in Albany that approved six million dollars for disaster relief.

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In the dead of night, on September 21st, , a firestorm hit the City with tremendous force. It did not come from the shelling from the British ships in the harbor because the British had already—more or less—won the City. Terrified shrieks of women and children rose above the blaze as hundreds of people clutching their few possessions ran from the heat and smoke. The fire began at Whitehall Slip and burned through Bridge, Stone and Beaver Streets destroying everything in its path, then crossing Broadway, it reduced Trinity Church to ashes.

On November 16, , the British took secure possession of all of Manhattan, and the City swarmed with Crown Loyalists from the other colonies. The occupation was painful for ordinary New Yorkers. Soldiers attacked young women, looted and pillaged, seized livestock, cut down forests and shared nothing with the freezing, starving people.

New York remained in British hands until November 21st, The British left the City in terrible shape. They had not rebuilt the area destroyed by the fire years before. Trinity Church remained a burnt-out shell. Buildings still standing throughout the City were unlivable.