Basics of Speed Mathematics

Basics of Speed Mathematics
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So instead of trying to figure out 12x8, just double 12 three times: 24, 48, When calculating large numbers in your head, remember that you can convert them into scientific notation first. A simple way to deal with this is to convert 4 billion to 10 9 , and , to 10 5. As Greenberg points out, the rule for dividing exponents requires us to subtract them easy!

Finally, some advice on how to calculate a tip in your head. If you can calculate a 10 percent tip in your head easy , then you can calculate both a 20 percent tip and a 15 percent tip. For a 15 percent tip, once again calculate the 10 percent tip, and then add half the additional 5 percent is just half of the 10 percent amount. Close enough. The A. George Dvorsky. Filed to: Math. Share This Story.

Math Hacks

More Math. About the author George Dvorsky. George Dvorsky George is a senior staff reporter at Gizmodo.

Case Cracking. Identify your Case Type. Structure your Thoughts. Practice your Basics.

Math Skills Required in Case Interviews. Business Concepts. Useful Business Analysis Tools. Common Terms of Business. Apply these shortcuts to impress your interviewer with outstanding mental math skills The best way to prepare for the quantitative portion of case interviews is to practice the types of calculations you will need to perform with numbers representative of actual Case Numbers and to be familiar with the types of problems you are most likely to encounter and how to solve them. Effective Quantitative Preparation Resources This article has numerous examples of the calculation methods taught in the FastMath Ace the Case online course and includes efficient solution methods to the example problems given in the previous article.

Mental Math Skills Are Extremely Valuable in Case Interviews Because you cannot use calculators in case interviews — and because you may need to perform a large number of math operations — being able to do calculations mentally without relying on pen and paper for the mechanics of calculations is a very helpful skill in case interviews. Example: Add the following numbers: Million, Million and Million. Using these Units, the prior example becomes: The answer is Million.

Multiplication methods Multiplication is the most important quant skill to practice for case interviews because you will frequently have to perform numerous multiplication operations - sometimes involving three or more terms. So the answer to the original problem is 56, Million, which is 56 Billion. We could also calculate this as follows: 2.

These are a few efficient multiplication methods covered—you can preview a video lesson which explains these and other multiplication methods in further detail here: Multiplication Lesson.

Maths Tricks - Smart Methods, Speed Mathematics & Vedic Math

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Distance, Speed and Time

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Applying the Secret of Mental Math Tricks to Addition

Improve Your Mathematical Skills, Calculate X-Times Faster, Learn Vedic Speed Methods And Master Difficult Math-Tasks. Mental math tricks in this post will teach you how do mental math with speed and ease that you previously thought was impossible. You will be able to do.

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